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Staff Rides of Rosebud or Little Bighorn/Custer's Last Stand Battlefields (Military or Civilian)


Little Bighorn Staff Ride - Battlefield Tour

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Battlefield tour - Cliffs above the Indian village

SGT Butler's Grave, Little Bighorn Staff Ride, US Cavalry School


Little Bighorn Tour approach to Weir Point


Little Bighorn Battlefield Staff Ride- Weir Point


Little Bighorn Battlefield Ride - Cedar Coulee


Little Bighorn/Custer's Last Stand Staff Rides and Rosebud Battlefield Military Staff Rides (1 to 4+ days)

The U.S. Cavalry School specializes in the Mounted Staff Ride and focuses on the Rosebud and Little Bighorn Battlefield. Whether you are a small group, or Military unit you will discover the best in training when riding with us. We were instrumental in assisting the US Army in getting the Little Bighorn Battlefield area certified as an active Drop Zone. So if you are Special Operations, Combat, Combat Support, or Combat Service Support; Active, Guard or Reserve we have the course for you. Our lead instructor(s) have lead over 80 Military Staff rides of the Little Bighorn and Rosebud Battlefield for all of the above groups; as well as being retired officers and Vietnam veterans. Our instruction has been referred to as walking encyclopedias of Military and Indian Wars History by our military unit attendees. Imagine studying the history, military decision making, commander's intent of the Greatest Indian Wars Battle while camped where it occurred, on the Banks of the Little Bighorn River, and riding the ground the braves and warriors rode. Study a non traditional fight in a non linear war on the enemies territory (and the correlations with the U.S. military's current conflict). Review military decision making process, weapons, equipment, logistics, intelligence, unit morale, and commanders' intent of this Battle; then revisit your command's operations (CCIR, METT-C, and more).

The Staff Ride

A replication of the historic U.S. Army Staff Ride technique for the on-site study and analysis of significant battles. The highlight of this program is a field study of one of several battlefields that are important to a fuller understanding of cavalry operations. The Staff Ride is cited by the U.S. Army as "one of the most powerful techniques of instruction available for the education of professional soldiers." This same program is presented by the U.S. Cavalry School. Each Staff Ride is carefully planned to insure the most meaningful education experience possible.

The format of instruction normally involves three phases:

  • preliminary study,
  • field study, and
  • retrospection.

Whether you are an Active Duty Military, Government, or a civilian group the lessons of leadership, establishing/following a relevant strategy, teamwork, communication, the history, and logistics are unequally taught in the Staff Ride teaching method; as well as being a superb teambuilding event for your group. Each Staff Ride is uniquely structured and fees vary.


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