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"Custer's Last Ride" Adventure/Little Bighorn Cavalry Adventure 18-25 June 2017

Relive Custer's Last Stand Battle by retracing his Trail, Camping on the Banks of the Little Bighorn, riding with General Custer for 3 days at the Annual Battle of the Little Bighorn Reenactment, and much more. History, Horsemanship, Excitement, Fun and Camaraderie in the Wild West. This is our 11th year in a row that we have taught this course on the Little Bighorn.


Custer's Last Ride Adventure at Little Bighorn Reenactment

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Leading String

Custer's Last Stand Fight


Rosebud Battlefield

With General Custer

Custer's Last Stand-Battle


Staff Ride

Cavalry School Graduates


Staff Ride

Custer's Last Stand Fight


US Cavalry School Deluxe (Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses) Training Encampment Courses at the Little Bighorn Battle Reenactment - Crow Agency, Montana

This is the West's Best Horse Adventure!! This is not a field trip nor a nose to tail trail ride; but a complete training in the history of the times and study of military life on the Frontier, Custer's Last Stand, and review of Native American Culture. We have been teaching Staff Rides of the Little Bighorn to the US Military for over 12 years; as well as Cavalry history, tactics, packing and horsemanship.  Open to males and Females 18 and over (16 with parental supervision). Ride with the Best!

Little Bighorn Reenactment

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War Party

Custer's expedition


Warriors Moving


Pistol Charge


Staff Ride

Includes the following:

  • Professional Training by Military & Little Bighorn Subject Matter Experts

  • Professional Horsemanship & Cavalry Training by Outfitters, Movie Horseman, National Champions, Trainers

  • Amazing Campfire/ Dutch Oven Cooking, Frontier meals that will please everyone

  • Mounted Weapons training for Sabers and Pistols

  • Fire Live Weapons of the Period; .45 Colt and 45-55/70 Springfield Carbine Firearms Training on the Range

  • Authentic Cavalry Encampment next to Little Bighorn River (where the Sioux Tribe was camped)

  • History Lessons and Training on US Cavalry (what was life like for the trooper in the Army)

  • Military Tactics and Patrol Training, Exercises, and Small Group Missions (Fun and Exciting Rides)

  • Military Staff Ride (same course we teach the Active Military) of Little Bighorn

  • Retrace/Race Custer's trail

  • Ride with Custer for 3 Days at the Real Bird's Little Bighorn Reenactment

  • Ride in Crow Agency's Native Parade with the 7th U.S. Cavalry

  • Cultural and History class by Native American tribe elder

  • Reviews of Crow's Nest and Rosebud Battle

  • Full Days of Training, Camaraderie, and fun; Campfires and entertainment

  • Cavalry Drill and Patrol Training

  • Transportation to and from Billings airport, Museums, Parades, and town

  • Discounts for military veterans, groups, and returnees

  • Training for your personal Horse

  • Reasonable Rentals of Trained horses and correct Military Clothing, Tack, and Firearms

Culture and Charisma

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Stage Arrival

Horse Holder


A Meeting of Cultures


Cavalry Trooper & Mount


Ladies with horse


What you will NOT need (as we provide Lodging, All Meals, and Transportation to/from Billings):

  • Lodging-Hotel Rental for 8 nights can cost @ $1,120.

  • Transportation-Rental Car and gas for 8 days @ $360.

  • That's a Total Savings of $1,480 just in Lodging and transportation costs.

~ Bring your horse, .45 Pistol, Uniform/Clothing, and Military Tack or rent ours.

Garryowen/Crow Agency, MT - Little Bighorn Battlefield Cavalry Encampment

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Class under the Trees, Little Bighorn River

Little Bighorn Reenactment, Indian Braves, Crow Agency, MT


Campfire Entertainment at Cavalry School


The site of the Little Bighorn Reenacment


Little Bighorn Battlefield, Reno's Battlefield and Retreat

Still once in a lifetime opportunity! The Novice, Intermediate and Advanced courses will be run concurrently and students are invited to participate in the Battle of Little Bighorn Reenactment. This is not a show and tell class of history; this is more than dude ranch vacation or adventure - it is a hands-on training, where you will not only visit and learn at the historical sights, but we train you to become Cavalry trooper. LEARN FROM THE BEST - with instructors that have been Cavalry trainers in and for U.S. Military Horse Mounted Units, National Cavalry Competition champion, and Military Battlefield Staff Ride lecturers/instructors that have taught the many different units of the US Military on the Little Bighorn, Rosebud, and other U.S. Battles. Now Eight + days of excitement, living the life of an Army horse soldier on the American Frontier.
Are you a history buff, love the cavalry/military, want the best horse vacation trip in the west, to improve your horsemanship, want to be in a film, or want to be a re-enactor?
If so, you need to be here! Most all classes within our courses are adaptable for non-riders. Even if you can not or choose not to ride a horse - this couse is still for you, this is the horse/history/western adventure of a Lifetime!


Includes all of the regular Cavalry Encampment courses and trainings listed below.  Ride the ground that the Cavalry covered the last 2 hours of Major General (Brevet) George Armstrong Custer's life and the Seventh Cavalry troopers that rode into the history books with him. Medicine Tail Coulee, Cedar Coulee, and Weir Point are among the historic locations we will visit.   The encampment runs from 20 to 28 June 2015 and starts with orientation on Saturday night (Sunday arrivals are acceptable), with training starting the next morning, and completion on Sunday the 21st of June.  Successful students are invited to participate in the Real Bird's Battle of the Little Bighorn Reenactment, held at 1 pm on the Fri, Sat, and Sun Closest to 25th of June with authentic Crow Warriors.  There is a part in the reenactment for most levels of horsemanship or for some dismounted troopers.  This special course is being hosted by the U.S. Cavalry School for the third time at the Real Bird Family Ranch, located 2 miles south of Crow Agency, Mt and 2 miles north of Garryowen. This sacred land, where a portion of the battle was fought, joins and is intermingled within Little Bighorn Battlefield Park and only an hour south of Billings, Mt. 

   This amazing 8 plus day has even more riding, firearms training, shooting competition, history/cavalry lessons, cavalry camp entertainment, camaraderie, and fun. We added more riding of portions of the battlefield, more authentic training of Mule handling/packing during missions/rides. The package includes your tuition, US Cavalry military horsemanship training (such as the differences with Western horsemanship), training fees, access fees, shuttle service to and from Billings Airport, excellent Cavalry Camp meals, and authentic field encampment equipment, blank ammo for reenactment, live ammo for 45 Colt and carbine Live Fire range training, staff rides (similar to the ones we teach to the US Military), history lessons from Native American elder, and much more. Awe-inspiring Battlefield tours and educational "Staff Rides" (in the training manner of the U.S. Army) by Native American and U.S. Military Scholars are also included.

   Packages start at $1,875. Horse, Firearms, Uniform, and Tack rentals are available to students not providing their own. Our students have said, "This is the Best Horse Vacation I have ever taken, and I have been to South America and France on horse riding trips" - "This course exceeded my expectations and was a dream come true, definitely once in a lifetime opportunity to relive the past" "Worth every penny and more". Most of our students have came back to attend again, and they have been amazed at the expanded training during the week and our extra day. Call us for additional information. Call and reserve your seat as soon as possible, training seats are limited in number!!


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